Building the fabric
of our digital world

June 27, 2017 at Porto Business School, Porto

The 2017 annual event of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program will showcase and discuss the key technological advancements that are
shaping our contemporary and future digital worlds, in a dialogue with
the Program community.

The event will debate robotics, advanced sensing and communications, data science, language technologies, and other major developments that have been improving our lives in multiple application areas such as health, cities, and industry, along with their implications for individuals, private and public organizations, public policy, and society at large.



Discussion panels on the key technological advancements that are shaping our digital world


Posters and demos of
ongoing research projects and
exhibition of Ph.D. students
research posters


Networking opportunities for all participants


This event is sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).


Carnegie Mellon Portugal


The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program is a platform for education, research and innovation that brings together Portuguese universities, research institutions and companies, and Carnegie Mellon University. The partnership was launched in 2006, and was renewed for another five years in 2012.

Its mission is to place Portugal at the forefront of innovation in key focused areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), by promoting cutting-edge research, world-class graduate education and a close collaboration with the Portuguese industry.

Its activities are funded by the FCT, supported by the Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas, and co-financed by business partners and by CMU.

The key instruments of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program are: talent development of students, faculty and professionals from the industry, through dual degree Ph.D. and Professional Masters programs, a faculty exchange and an undergraduate internship programs; research and innovation in potentially commerciable technologies, through multidisciplinary projects carried out by integrated teams from universities and companies, with an orientation towards new products and services for international markets and the inRes Program, a very early stage accelerator for tech-based startups.

These instruments are applied in focused areas of ICT where Portugal can gain competitive advantages, continuously under discussion in the scientific and industrial communities.