AHA: Augmented Human Assistance

Research Teams: CMU; IST-ID; NOVA.ID.FCT; FMH; M-ITI
Organizations: PLUX; YDreams
Main Research Area: Assistive Robots; Active Aging; Motor Rehabilitation
CMU Portugal Program website: http://www.cmuportugal.org/tiercontent.aspx?id=5227
Principal Investigators: Alexandre Bernardino (IST-UL; ISR), Daniel P. Siewiorek (CMU; HCII), Asim Smailagic (CMU; ICES)

The “AHA: Augmented Human Assistance” project will develop and deploy a novel Robotic Assistance Platform, designed to promote healthy lifestyles, active aging and to support patients with motor challenges. Either as a stand-alone or integrated solution, their solution will focus on:

– Physical (re)training: by developing adaptive augmented-reality physical training tools, that deliver prompt feedback on performance, with personalized tools for specific motor function re-training in motor impaired patients.

– Increasing self-awareness: by using biosensors, computer vision systems and exercise performance data to monitor the user’s vital signs. Data access will be user-friendly and available to patients, clinicians and caregivers.

– Augmented assistance: by joining the aforementioned tools in a robot with indoor navigation abilities, that will interact with patients through a virtual coach system to propose new exercises, monitor their execution and provide motivational messages, thus increasing the engagement of the user in the exercise program.