Leid Zejnilovic

Faculty Member, Nova School of Business and Economics

Dual Degree Ph.D. Alumnus in TCE

Leid Zejnilovic is Assistant Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics, in the fields of Open Innovation, Technology Strategy, and Data-driven management. At Nova SBE, Leid started Data Science for Social Good Europe, an educational program in collaboration with the University of Chicago, and several universities and organizations across Europe. He volunteers as a Research Officer at the Patient Innovation platform, where his collaboration began as a Ph.D. student. He also co-founded several high-tech companies.

Leid Zejnilovic is a dual degree Ph.D. alumn in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship (TCE) in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program. He was advised at Carnegie Mellon University by Francisco Veloso and Pedro Oliveira at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.

His researh is in the intersection of technology, innovation, and business. The aim of his research is to contribute to an understanding of what drives individuals and communities/organizations to create value in the face of technological changes, and how this value can be amplified and used to improve growth, economic development, and social welfare.