Susana Brandão

Programing Analyst, SISCOG

Dual Degree Ph.D. Alumna in ECE

Susana Brandão is currently a programming analyst at SISCOG, a computer software company. She completed her dual degree Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program. She was advised in Carnegie Mellon University by Professor Manuela Veloso and in Instituto Superior Técnico by Professor João Paulo Costeira.

After her degree, as a Post-Doctoral researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico, Susana Brandão worked on automatic tile panel assembly. This problem is similar to jigsaw puzzle assembly, but tiles have little texture that does not always aligns properly accronss abuting sides.

Her research focuses on object recognition from multiple partial views, collected from a mobile robot equiped with an RGB camera. During her Ph.D., she developed an algorithm for Joint Assignment and Stitching  of Non Overlapping Meshes (JASNOM). JASNOM creates a manifold mesh of the whole object, without requiring previous registration of the two meshes on the same coordinate system.