VR2Market: Towards a Mobile Wearable Health Surveillance Monitoring Product for First Response and other Hazardous Professions

Research teams: CMU; INESC TEC; IT; UA
Organizations: BioDevices; Future Cities – UPorto; Hospital de Gaia; Petratex
Main Research Area: Health Surveillance; Wearable Technology; Data Mining; Business Model Validation
CMU Portugal Program webpage: http://www.cmuportugal.org/tiercontent.aspx?id=5238
Principal Investigators: João Paulo Cunha (FEUP; INESC TEC); Fernando De la Torre (CMU; RI)

The Vital Responder project has generated a large number of devices, methodologies and know-how that are fostering other newly funded projects for other hazardous professionals, such as policemen or paramedics. These and others scenarios are now serving as requirement pools for the “Porto Living Lab” FP7 initiative awarded to the University of Porto, to design and deploy large scale “Future Cities” test-beds to support innovative ICT projects at a city scale.  All these newly initiated projects have shown to us that the systems, methodologies and know-how of this pluridisciplinary team is highly scalable and adaptable to new scenarios. Following these “sprouting” innovative outcomes from the initial VR project, we now aim at developing the present project to:

– consolidate the developed technology, improving even further its scalability to a wider set of requirements of wider set of professions;

– improve methodologies, specially data analysis and psycho-physiology indicators to better detect trends and events relevant for health surveillance;

– converge to a scalable, adaptable, mobile and integrated cloud services based ICT platform that can be configured to attend different health surveillance scenarios in different professions. We believe that pursuing these objectives will result in an integrated product to approach the market of health monitoring and surveillance for hazardous professions by the end of the project.